All soup cook-off proceeds go to Aliyah’s House Ministries.  In addition, the winning soup is served at the Winter Wonderland Arts & Craft Show.  The proceeds from the craft show also go to Aliyah’s House Ministries.

The soup cook-off is a soup making contest to see who makes the best soup.  SOUPer Cook Awards are given out to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!

  1. Contestants must sign up to enter the cook-off.  Submit your recipe to Jackie, Judy or Laurie.
  2. Recipes are compiled and a cookbook is published and sold.  These proceeds also go to Aliyah’s House Ministries.
  3. Anyone can purchase tickets.  Adults: 5 tickets for $5       Children: 3 tickets for $3


Tickets are sold ahead of time and on the day of the cook-off.  We encourage people to come and bring friends and family.  Soup and muffins make a SOUPer lunch!

Cook-off Day:  Soups will be warm and brought in crock-pots.  They will be numbered and set up around the room.

Each crock-pot will have a numbered jar in front of it.  If you want to vote for that soup, place the number of tickets in that jar equal to the number of votes you want to give it.

We use numbers on the soup instead of names.  It keeps it confidential, fun and keeps people guessing who made which soup.

The cook-off begins after the church service in the fellowship hall.  You are welcome to try all of the soups and even go back for more.

Bring a pencil so you can make note of your favorite soup numbers.  When you are finished, go back to your favorite soups and place your tickets in the numbered jars.

Afterwards, the SOUPer Cook-off Crew will count the tickets in each jar and the winners will be announced the following Sunday where they will receive their SOUPer Cook awards.


Have a SOUPer good time and go home SOUPer satisfied!